Virchow’s Triad

What is Virchow's Triad?

In 1856, Dr. Rudolf Virchow first proposed how three distinct physiological variables could lead to the formation of clot in blood vessels. As shown in the above graphic, each of these factors can form clot on its own; however, the risk for thrombosis dramatically increases when two or three variables are in effect at the same time. This theory came to be known as “Virchow’s Triad”.  Over a century later, his principles are still used today by physicians treating patients and inventors developing new therapies for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism.

The Three “Pillars” Of Virchow’s Triad Are

Stasis is the circumstance when blood flow is altered, interrupted, or slowed down.  Most often stasis occurs when patients are sitting, as when stuck at desk or a plane seat, and the blood pools in the legs.  People with low resting heart rates, such as athletes, are also more likely to have slow moving blood in their legs when not moving. 

Injury to a Vessel Wall can occur from shear stressing, which can occur during athletic activity, or from trauma such as surgery or an accident.  The body typically has an inflammatory response to these injuries which activates platelets to begin “clumping” at the site of the injury. 

Hypercoagulability is the condition when the blood chemistry changes and makes the blood more prone to clot.  Obesity, smoking and birth control are some of the major factors in the incidence of hypercoagulability. It can also arise from a person’s genetic make up, illnesses, and trauma.  

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Vitamin E is a natural anticoagulant; vitamin C increases its potency 

Quercetin => Injury to a Vessel Wall

Quercetin has anti-platelet properties

Nattokinase + Raspberry Extract => Stasis

Nattokinase and raspberry extract have fibrinolytic properties that dissolve clot as it forms.
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